A day in the life of a digital apprentice


Digital Apprentice

I hope Yazmin, our digital apprentice, won’t mind me saying this, but she’s not your stereotype ‘techy’. She’s a lovely young lady who slots in perfectly with our male dominated digital team and is most definitely a rose amongst thorns (sorry boys). I wanted to know what it’s like being a super smart techy sweetheart, so I decided to interview her.



Emma: “How long have you worked for Concept4?”

Yazmin: “One year, I’ve just completed my Apprenticeship here and gained an NVQ Level 3 in IT.”

Emma: “Talk me through a typical day...”

Yazmin: “I work on Adwords (PPC) for Concept4 and Danny, our SEO Consultant trains me on the client projects which I can get involved in. I also deal with internal IT support requests such as network connection issues, software problems, that sort of thing. I also get to work on client website support queries coming in.”

Emma: “What aspects of your job do you enjoy the most?”

Yazmin: “Fixings things and solving problems.”

Emma: “Like when I can’t do something and ask for your help, just by the power of watching me do it, it works again?”

Yazmin: (Laughs) “Yeah”

(Emma: I hate it when that happens.)

Emma: “Who do you enjoy working with the most and why?”

Yazmin: “The digital team in general because they’re good fun, Our Digital Team Manager, Jody's singing keeps us all entertained - even though it’s horrendous! Andrew, one of our web developers' unintentionally slightly offensive sense of humour also keeps me grounded.”

Emma: “What made you want to work in a digital/technical job?”

Yazmin: “I honestly just didn’t know what I wanted to do! I'd thought about a few types of jobs but decided I just wouldn’t be that interested in any of them. Then I thought IT, seeing as I was always at home on my computer anyway, either playing video games or doing a bit of creative writing on my blog. I did a work placement at a local company and had a placement day from there at Concept4 to see what it would be like working in another Industry - and the rest is history!”

Emma: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years time...”

Yazmin: “I don’t know, I’m learning so many new skills that it’s hard to decide which way I want to go at the moment, I’m just enjoying my job and learning more and more every day.”

Emma: Thanks Yazmin - what a star.