Adult online learning hub for Farnborough College

There's no doubt about it, remote learning became the hot topic of 2020 and Farnborough College Of Technology wanted to ensure they were front and centre when it came to studying online. An existing client of Concept4, there was no doubt in mind as to which agency would help them to realise their ambition.

The new website FOCAL was designed with a more commercial feel, and features new branding for online courses to help differentiate it from the main college website. The site is aimed at employers, adults upskilling for a new career and former FCOT students. 

Website Design FOCAL_Blog .png

The design brief was to be big, bold and impactful and it's fair to say, it is exactly that. Strong messages across bold imagery on the website homepage include 'Kick start your career' and 'Restart and grow your business' with 2 clear user journeys for either learners or employers.

Courses are fed through to the homepage from Course Manager, a product designed and built by Concept4 to help colleges manage course information seamlessly. The site is completely scalable and can grow with the ambition of the college and the desire to learn of it's target audience. Powered by WordPress this website is on point at a time when studying online looks set to become the new normal. For the full website click here