Are you ready to revolutionise homework in your school?

If you’re like some of our clients and you’ve been mulling over the idea of going digital with your homework planners, but haven’t quite put the wheels in motion – then keep reading, because we’ve got THE perfect solution for you…

Homework4 – the ultimate digital homework planner secondary_apps_cutout_homework4.png

As leading app developers and experts in marketing for education, it made complete sense for us to develop a homework app for schools. We knew our clients were paying a lot for systems they only used a fraction of in terms of functionality, so we created a simple to use digital homework planner for teachers, students and parents.

How does Homework4 work?

It’s a web and app-based system that integrates seamlessly with your school MIS to pull through timetable data and student information. Teachers can set homework, attach resources and communicate with students easily and efficiently. Students always have access to the correct information; no more excuses about what they forgot to do or didn’t write down.  To top it off, parents see what their children see - giving complete transparency and clarity all round! We know, sounds great doesn’t it?

Getting over the hurdles!

Being experts in education marketing, we also know that implementing a digital homework solution, or shifting from an existing one, isn’t just as straight forward as you’d like -  you’ll probably come up against several barriers in the decision making process. So, to make the transition easier for you, we hired Stephen Woollard, former Teacher and Digital Leader of Harrogate Grammar School to give you a completely free digital consultation and help you map out the process for your school.

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ll even give you a 6 weeks free trial - trust us, once you see how Homework4 will revolutionise the way you tackle homework in your school, you’ll be as delighted as clients like Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School are!

To take advantage of both a free consultation AND free trial, visit today!