Bespoke website package for Sandringham Primary School


Bespoke school websites aren't just for secondary schools, many primary schools are seeing the benefit of a bespoke school website design for their school, and here's why... 

The website is the new learning hub

In recent months the school website has indeed become a major learning hub for schools up and down the country, and we don't see this declining once life returns to some sort of normal post Covid-19 lock down. And that's because schools are seeing the benefits a bespoke designed and developed school website can bring. 

Limitless unique design

Investing in a bespoke school website means there's no limitations on design and functionality! So grab a pen and paper and write your wish list for your perfect school website. Working with an experienced school website company should mean nothing is off the table for your bespoke build. Whether it's integrations with school software, interactive elements that engage with students such as Sandringham's highest attendance calculator or even one domain running more than one website like Canary Wharf College - the possibilities are endless when you're engaged with the right agency. 

Powerful CMS

Sandringham School also took advantage of our bespoke content management system, Content4 which was built by our in-house development team and is managed by our Developers. Meaning if there's ever an issue with any of our website it's resolved within a 24 hour SLA but more often than not, far quicker than that. Content4 is a feature rich and powerful CMS but one that is user friendly so multiple people within the school can be trained with ease to manage sections of the school website. 

Cost effective marketing packages

But how much does a bespoke website design cost I hear you cry! Well, less than you think bearing in mind all the benefits it brings. We've even gone as far as to make bespoke marketing packages with manageable payment plans so that you can get everything you dreamed of for your perfect school website with zero financial strain. 

Do you want the perfect primary school website? Contact us today, and let's make progress...