Boost your independent school admissions with a WordPress website

Is your independent school, like others we’re talking to, considering use of an open source content management system like WordPress for your new school website? It’s an increasing trend we’re seeing and there are several good reasons for that. Luckily, we’re highly skilled in designing and developing WordPress websites, having designed some of the biggest college websites in the country who as a rule of thumb, opt for WordPress as their preferred CMS, so you’d be in very safe hands with us.

Why choose a WordPress website?

WordPress is hands down THE most popular open source CMS, with a staggering 18 million websites currently on the net (a 50-60% of global market share!), so it’s no wonder it’s first choice for many. But what makes WordPress so popular and why can it help your school marketing?

flexibility.png Flexibility - if you decide you want to move your website away from your incumbent website agency, an open source CMS like WordPress means you have complete control and won’t be bound by a custom CMS. This gives you peace of mind that in the event of issues, your website can easily be moved.
bespoke design.png Theme or bespoke design - WordPress have over 11,000 themes, if you’re looking for a new website on a tight budget, this would be your first option. But proceed with caution, as you’ll need a level of skill with WordPress to create a decent looking website and they can be a little limiting. Or opt for a limitless and our highly skilled website developers will build your easy to use WordPress CMS to suit.
scalability.png Scalability – add as many pages as you want! A WordPress website will grow with your ambition.
digital marketing.png Digital marketing – WordPress makes SEO a piece of cake, especially when you’re using Yoast SEO plugin, built by a team of professional SEO developers. From meta titles and descriptions, to canonical tags and structured data – you don’t need to be an expert in SEO to get onto page 1 with the help of this plugin, and you’ll reap the rewards in boosting admissions – for free! Caching plugins boost website speed and ultimately your users experience, which will also boost your search rankings. Couple this with MailChimp email marketing plugin and you’re sure to see significant results with your school digital marketing.


If you want to talk WordPress websites with us, or how we can help you realise your digital marketing goals – get in touch today.