Digital Marketing Top Tips to Boost Student Enrollment

With around 2.34 million students in the UK attending college or university it can be extremely difficult to stand out in an ever populated field. 

However, with enrollment targets to hit and with spaces to fill each year, it’s essential that your digital marketing strategy is helping you be the lion in a room full of sheep. 

Here’s our top tips to help boost your student enrollment figures in higher education: digital_marketing_icons_social media.png

Social Media Marketing

Nailing your social media strategy is essential when talking about the 15-21 age range. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the younger demographic use social media more than any other generation which is why it’s crucial to interact and be present on their favourite platforms. 

First, you have to decide which platforms you’ll use. Then your posts have to be powerful enough to engage with and disrupt the news feed of your target audience. Organic social posts appear in 1-2% of your target audience feed so paid social advertising could be a logical step to ensure you boost your reach and gain engagement. It’s crucial to know your audience as social ads target them based on demographics, location, interests and more.

Analysing each post and identifying what worked and what didn’t is also vital so you can ensure a successful social campaign not just over the enrolment period but beyond. 

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) digital_marketing_icons_ppc.png

Education institutions are spending millions on paid advertising with PPC being one of the top methods of advertising online. 

Using analytics from data you already hold, you can push out PPC adverts to parents looking for options for their children and you can also target those same students with the campaign as well. 

Higher education colleges and universities can identify where they’re struggling to gain enrolment numbers from and target those people with specific PPC ads. As well as targeting, your ads also increase your brand awareness through ad impressions which makes PPC one of the most popular marketing tools. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) digital_marketing_icons_seo.png

SEO can vastly affect your enrollment numbers as its sole purpose is to ensure your website and your content is as high up the search engine results as possible. Although it can be a lengthy process, ensuring your website is search engine optimised could see your enrolment numbers shoot up. 

Email marketing

Despite all the modern ways of communicating with potential students, old school email marketing is still an effective tool when utilised correctly and to its maximum potential. 

From enticing and intriguing subject lines to informative and engaging email content, email marketing can be targeted and used in either a drip series or a nurture campaign to maximise your digital marketing campaigns. digital_marketing_icons_email.png

Creating multi-channel marketing campaigns takes a lot of time and effort; something education institutions don’t always have an abundance of. Partnering with an agency like ours gives you access to a team of experts in digital marketing techniques and can take the legwork away from your college or university. 

If you want to let us take the reins while you sit back and watch the enrolments flood into your inbox, contact us today!