Digital Print - Cost Effective Option For Schools

At a recent visit to my son’s prospective new school I was disappointed to be handed a poor quality leaflet on arrival. Not only was it a photocopy, it was also badly hand folded. As a finance director I understand the constraints diminishing budgets can bring. Also, perhaps gone are the days of wall to wall glossy printed brochures produced in their thousands. Compromises do have to be made but as a parent you want to be impressed with all aspects of these events. The headmaster’s speech, the conduct of the existing students, the facilities and the material you receive all can have an impact. My recommendation for the first is keep it short – please! My advice for the latter is to use digital print.



Digital printing has come a long way in the last twenty years. Print quality has improved beyond recognition and the printing method itself has great advantages over historic litho printing. There is minimal set up required, less ink, less time needed and significantly reduced cost implications. In addition, as photographs now have much higher pixel ratios the picture output is much sharper and more defined. Many schools now appreciate the digital sweet spot that has developed in the area of short print runs, say up to a few thousand sheets. Others are missing out.


Concept4 and our sister company Made for Education offer a comprehensive digital print service, from simple leaflets to complex school planners. In addition we can offer a quality and competitive design and artwork service if required. Certainly, digital print can provide a versatile short run solution for any school’s needs. High quality output produced quickly can cost less than a replacement ink cartridge for your current standard computer printer. For example, 500 A4 leaflets folded to 1/3 A4 full colour throughout would cost you only £57. You would not be disappointed and neither would your prospective parents!