Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Our search consultants can help you reach optimum visibility online based on researched, targeted keywords. We can help with editing and creation of new content and optimised web content, guided by our in-house marketing team to provide meaningful and actionable analysis. See you at the top!

"Analytics stats on a recent revamp show a dramatic increase in hits for Boarding enquiries with sharper SEO capacity and higher rankings. The Content Management System devised by Concept4 is a user-friendly solution which can be adapted by a number of staff easily and quickly"
Deputy Head of Community, Dallam School

Pay per click (PPC)

A good PPC strategy and campaign can help you achieve your college digital marketing goals, quick! You might be looking to boost enrolment for specific courses or increase your catchment area. Whatever your goals, we’ll work with you on setting a budget which helps you maximise your relevant traffic whilst keeping costs under control.

Social media strategy

Social media plays an integral part in your overall college communications plan, providing a fantastic source of natural online traffic. It’s a vital element of your overall search strategy as the links social channels provide are both natural and interlinked in the eyes of the major search engines.

It goes without saying that part of your college digital marketing strategy is social media! We can provide an initial evaluation, assist with channel optimisation and set up, as well as ongoing monthly management to save you both time and resources.