Great products, great value, great customer service - in search of the Holy Grail of purchasing

I’m not really a fan of spending money, either personally or as Group Finance Director for the Partnership4 Group (home to Concept4, Made for Education and Homework4). Partly, this comes from a natural aversion to spending, some call me a skinflint - I like to think I’m thrifty! Mainly though my fiscal approach is based on a lifetime’s experience of disappointment – with either what I’ve purchased, how much I’ve paid for it or some aspect of the buying process.

When you factor in the increasing challenge of managing shrinking budgets at home and work, I’m actually surprised there aren’t more people like me! I previously wrote about digital print as a cost-effective option for schools - a really good example of securing a great product and getting the most from your budget. Beyond this though, what about the much sought-after positive customer experience?

Good value shouldn’t compromise service!

c4.jpgIt’s genuinely difficult to get good customer service, especially if you’ve secured the right product at the right price. Our high client retention level speaks volumes about our reliable customer service. We don’t just build great websites - we build great relationships with our customers too. Indeed, customer referrals continue to be a fantastic source of new business for us. The adage small enough to care, big enough to deliver represents us well. So, if you’re looking for that Holy Grail of purchasing - great products, great value and great service - look no further. We’ve a lot to offer…

How can we stretch YOUR budget?

mfe.jpgOur offering in the education sector is comprehensive and flexible. For example, our various website packages for schools can be spread over two or three years to suit the needs of any stretched budget. As well as being a leading school website design agency we’re also well known for our outstanding prospectus designs. These can be produced on a bespoke basis or using our Made for Education online service which offers a range of customised prospectus designs at a price you’ll be happy to pay.

Even down to your student planners…

hw4.jpgFurther to this, we’ve a three-tier approach to student homework planners. You can build your own planners using Made for Education at very competitive prices, choosing from a range of pre-designed options and styles. Or, you can use our bespoke planner service which includes artwork service and advice throughout the whole process.

Finally, we now offer a digital homework planner solution, Homework4, developed with schools to enhance all aspects of setting and monitoring homework. It’s a great tool for students, teachers and parents. Right now, you can even get a free, no strings trial!

In short, we provide a host of options for education purchasers, ranging from a completely bespoke service to pre -designed templates.  We cater for any school budget, meaning you don’t have to worry about watching the pennies.

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