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Engaging website solutions - for health

We work with our clients in the healthcare sector to deliver website solutions on a variety of levels. From professional information based websites to interactive engagement led projects.

Yes, think beautiful, but also think usable. We only design responsive websites and we always design with your user's experience in mind. Why? Because your website should not only look amazing, it should be amazing - viewed in the way you intended -  on any device in just a couple of clicks.

What is responsive website design?

  • Content displays clearly on any mobile or desktop device
  • Optimised performance and navigation using any device
  • A seamless user experience for all

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Our CMS (Content Management System)

Content4 a unique CMS

Content4, our CMS, is as feature-rich as it is easy to use - and that's the whole point. Built from the ground up with simplicity and in mind, we want our CMS to be intuitive and accessible to all, making updating your website a straightforward, frustration free task.

You can create professional looking pages and news posts in no time at all using our latest, 3rd generation editing tools and a range of recently enhanced modules and drag and drop components. This means improved communications with your local community, whilst saving your administration time along the way

Here's just some of the ways you'll be empowered:

Content management

Unlimited page, news post and event creation using drag and drop components for flexible layouts, a device preview tool, SEO tools and a saved history of all page revisions.

Inline editing

Create new content and edit or re-order content right on the page, as you see it. Add and edit components that look just like the final page. So what you see, really is what you get.


Add your choice of two types of pop up alerts for important messages and announcements. Smart scheduling means your messages are timed to appear and expire exactly as you choose.


Intuitive management of your documents, images and videos, synced with your YouTube, Vimeo Picasa and Flickr accounts. Images are automatically web-optimised and there's an image editor to fine tune your uploaded images. Simply drag and drop your files on to pages or add responsive image galleries and slideshows.


The option to add an app, linked directly to Content4 CMS for seamless display of all your news stories, calendar events, photo and video galleries, social media and contact details. Plus, get urgent news to stakeholders quickly sending unlimited, free push notifications to all your app users.


In addition, we've integrated with Google Analytics so you can see key website statistics at a glance from the CMS dashboard. We also offer ongoing support services for search engine optimisation, social media and user experience.

Content4 CMS is ever-evolving, helping clients to stay on the front foot. Ask for a demo - we are convinced you will be impressed.

Content4 hosting and support

Your website go live is just the beginning. We're renowned for our approach to client service and regularly commended by clients for our willingness to go the extra mile. We're not just saying that - we can back it up. Whether it's phone, email or through our super efficient support ticket system - we're only ever a few clicks away.

Open source CMS

We also build for a variety of open source Content Management Systems eg WordPress . We'll work with you from the outset to pinpoint your needs and explore the best options to achieve your objectives.

Healthy campaigns with perfect print

We know only too well how design for print can cover all sorts of promotional products and literature in the healthcare sector, you name it- we’ve probably produced it! From annual reports and folders to fridge magnets and thermometers, the list is endless – you need to be confident you’re working with a supplier who can give you the right solutions at the right price for your offline marketing needs.

We understand the ever changing healthcare sector and nothing surprises us, whatever you need to support your latest campaign, just ask – our expertise lies in delivering campaigns across all mediums, including mass media marketing, targeted campaigns, road shows, personalised mailings and more.

PRINTBANK - simplify your purchasing process

'PRINTBANK' our online web to print solution enables clients to utilise and update pre-set templates in a secure site to place orders for regular print items; a superb marketing toolkit to benefit any organisation, simplifying and speeding up your print purchasing process.

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Caring about your brand

In the ever changing healthcare sector and constant threat of private competition, it’s more important than ever for healthcare service providers to differentiate themselves with a clear brand identity in all their marketing strategies.

After all, you can't make a brand stand out, unless it stands for something. Through long standing relationships with specialist partners, we combine their talents with our creative and strategic approach for delivering key components such as research. We can speak to your key stakeholders to find out what their perceptions are of your healthcare service. We make it our mission to find out what that 'something' is.

Trustworthy messaging

Patient communications, staff engagement and perceptions of NHS providers are key areas to consider when developing a new brand. You also need trustworthy messaging across all your on and off line communication channels.

We combine our core values: consider | create | communicate with your objectives to bring you a solution which will ensure your brand delivers great results as part of any marketing campaign - it can improve engagement with your target audience and ultimately the wellbeing of your community.

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Engaging your stakeholders

The big word in the healthcare sector is ‘engagement’. How are you going to engage with your local community? How are you going to engage with your staff? We're frequently tasked with engagement projects that deliver superb results, which is why our clients keep coming back to us. How do we do it?

With the use of powerful imagery and other media. There's no denying that compelling and inspiring professional photography can be the making of a website - it's really worth making the investment, believe us. We work with talented, trusted photographers with extensive experience in the healthcare market.

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Through long standing relationships with specialist partners, we combine their talents with our creative and strategic approach for delivering key components such as innovative video and DVD filming services.

A professionally produced video or DVD delivered to the right target audience gives them clear insight into your healthcare organisation's aims and services; it leaves them wanting to discover more. It’s a more personal approach to engagement marketing and becoming an increasingly popular channel of communication.


It’s official, mobile devices now account for more internet access than a desktop PC - there’s no two ways about it, mobile marketing needs to feature prominently in your healthcare marketing plan.


With this in mind, alongside a responsive website, an app in the heathcare sector is a great way to engage with your target audience and gather that all important feedback - vital to inform future changes to your services.

Our mobile apps can include social media ‘share’ options, custom forms and polls/survey plus lots more, giving you a solution which helps to land literally in the hands of your key stakeholders.

Click here to see some of our app projects in health.

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See you at the top

You absolutely need a great SEO and/or PPC strategy to make sure your website is highly visible to your target audience. 75% of internet users never scroll beyond the first page of a search result - you can't afford to not be on that page for your key search words.

Our in-house experts in both paid and organic search put you right where you need to be - at the top. Our aim is to get you the results you want, quickly and within budget.

Let's get social

Social media has literally taken the world by storm. The statistics are pretty scary! There are over 2 billion active social media accounts globally. This means the potential for marketing and sales is exponential and a well executed social strategy is a crucial component in your online marketing. However it's a time consuming task, one that you may not have the resource to manage in-house. So employing an experienced digital agency to manage your social platforms is a cost effective solution.

The UX factor

User Experience (UX) is the absolute key factor to your website's success, it's the journey that each user of your website goes through from the second they land until the second they leave.

How can you monitor UX on your website? That's easy, our team can implement online tools and provide monthly analytics reports which can help improve the effectiveness of your website.