How much should a primary school website cost?



What’s the cost of a primary school website? Well it can be anything from free upwards – it simply depends on your school’s aims, ambitions and goals.

However, it’s important to remember that, in the modern digital world, the school website is arguably your most valuable marketing tool. It’s also the most effective way of reaching your school community and engaging with new students and their parents.

This blog will delve into each option and assess the costs involved and the website you should expect to receive for your budget!


There are options available to primary schools for free! Websites such as, wordpress and many more offer free website solutions which are suitable for plenty of businesses. However, there are issues with free hosting services. With free hosting tools, you’re expected to keep the installation and plug-ins updated and, if you don’t your website will be vulnerable to a cyber-attack.

Design could also be a pain point when it comes to utilising free hosting solutions. Instead of a totally personalised, aesthetically pleasing design you’ll be limited to certain templates which may be used by other schools, making it harder for you to stand out from the crowd. You;ll also have to question whether your website will reflect the professional standards you’ll hold dear within your primary school and whether it gives the best first impression to parents, guardians and students.

Technical support may also be difficult to acquire when using a free website builder as they’ll have thousands of websites across the world to manage. You’ll also have to put a member of staff in charge of keeping your website updated and you’ll have to question whether they have the time to keep everything up-to-date and in line with the Department of Education’s website requirements.


Template designs can cost a little more but, with a sprinkle of personalisation, professional design and flecks of photos of video content, a template designed website can really elevate your primary school website.

Priced at £2,000, our flexi-theme builder is a cost-effective mid-range product that offers value for money and will give your primary school a personal, effective and vibrant new website.

Built with UX (user experience) in mind, the flexi-theme builder package allows your school to mix and match key elements to make your perfect customised design and, by adding your school branding, key messages and colours, it’ll give your primary school an individual stamp which arguably isn’t as readily available with cheaper options.

For no extra cost, Concept4 will also plug in Content4 to your primary school website, giving you a leading school content management system rich in features. What’s more, having the Content4 plug-in will also free up your staff from spending countless hours updating your school website; instead, it’ll all be taken care of.


Bespoke website designs will obviously be the most expensive option for your primary school website. However, you’ll certainly get value for money with a website that, quite literally, is an all-singing, all-dancing show for your school. Bespoke website packages allow you to create anything you want and, with the help of our dedicated team, we’ll bring your vision to life.

With endless customisable options and responsive website design, a bespoke primary school website is the sure-fire way to ensure your website stands out, keeps your school community informed and gives off the very best impression of your school to website visitors from across the UK.

As aforementioned, your primary school website is one of your most valuable marketing tools and its essential for a school which wants to be successful to have a website that is truly an extension of themselves. Although a bespoke option doesn’t come cheap, your website is an investment and, when used effectively can save on recruitment fees and ensure your school is running at full capacity, every single year.

To find out more about our website solutions, or to have an informal chat with us about your primary school website – contact us today.