Multi-academy trust website project goes live - Pendle Education Trust



We were approached by Pendle Education Trust, a family of schools in East Lancashire, sponsored by Nelson & Colne College. Their brief was for the design and development of the Trust's main website plus a secondary school website template and primary school website template. The two school templates were to be designed with inter-changeable design elements to enable them to be branded for each school within the Trust, plus new schools joining the Trust, whilst still maintaining the look and feel.


For the main website we used imagery from the variety of schools currently in the Trust to create a vibrant look and feel to attract other schools to join the multi-academy trust (MAT); the results are an impactful image based website with appealing and functional design features.

We created the primary and secondary school website templates with similar features for design consistency, but differentiated key elements to clearly represent the Trust's primary school/secondary school offer. The secondary school template utilises full out imagery as opposed to banner style used for the primary school version. Branding and colour schemes can easily change for any new school who join the Trust in future.


The Trust website was launched first with the one secondary school and two primary school websites shortly afterwards. This was quickly followed up by a further secondary school website for a new school joining the Trust. We have also created our School Alerts school apps for each of the secondary schools for this already expanding Multi-academy Trust.