New website for the oldest surviving adult education institute in Europe!

WM College, historically known as Working Men’s College or WMC - The Camden College, is the oldest surviving adult education institute in Europe. Founded in 1854 the College was associated with the Cooperative Movement and the Christian Socialists which stem from the same tradition that later led to the Worker’s Educational Association. The Working Women’s College, founded 10 years later in 1864, finally merged with WMC in 1967. 

College rebrand and new website WMCollege_banner.png

Many years later, whilst retaining the history of the organisation, in 2020 they went through a strategic review and rebranding process, where WM College was born. To follow this, a new website was high up the agenda and the college wanted to partner with a website agency that really understood their proposition and could help them position themselves in the adult education sector. 

Our design team got to work bringing the WM College brand to life with responsive website visuals that tie the clean angles and contemporary colour palette of their new brand with an intuitive user interface and modern design framework. User experience is at the heart of the new design, with courses found either through the homepage search function or accessed from the clean, structured menu which is unintrusive to the design but always stands out clearly on the page. 

Online course shopping and payments

To make a great user experience, the college wanted the ability for learners to be able to apply for courses seamlessly, with paid-for courses processed through the website's basket linked to the EBS OnTrack Prospect portal. Our developers created the functionality to link the website course basket to EBS for application processing and payments, making for a really straightforward and pleasing user experience from initial enquiry through to application.

To view the website click here