Is Concept 4 Creative?

Whilst we trade under the name Concept4 our full limited company name is Concept 4 Creative. This got me thinking about our name and why we effectively dropped an element which is at the very heart of everything we do. Perhaps shorter is simpler and catchier? Previously we traded under the brand name Marketing for Education which was a more direct reference to the main part of our business activity.


If you take a tour of our offices here in Nelson, Lancashire, you will find various inspirational quotes on the walls of our different departments, chosen by the staff themselves. For example, the team in the sales office are reminded that sales opportunities don’t just happen, you create them! In my office, which is shared with our MD Jane, the quote is from Stephen King, “the scariest moment is always just before you start.” We both empathise with this as the often daunting reality of taking on an exciting new challenge. Significantly for Concept4, in the room occupied by our talented creatives and developers, the quote is simply “Creativity is contagious, pass it on” by no less than Albert Einstein. I absolutely agree with this statement and do genuinely believe we are a well named company in either of its forms.


I previously blogged about what is a Concept, in our post about design concepts for school websites. This highlighted the importance of having structured thinking behind creative ideas. If you take a look at some of the synonyms for the two key parts of our company name Creative (original, hip, prolific, visionary, inventive, inspired, cool) and Concept (notion, thought, twist, view, slant, approach, perception), you have a whole new set of interesting combinations for the company description/name. What about inventive notion, inspired twist, original approach or cool slant. My particularly favourite is prolific perception. Talking of favourites, whilst they are interesting combinations, they are probably better suited as names for a racehorse than for a company! Yet the original Concept 4 Creative works well as both a company name and as a description of what the company represents.


Ultimately what you call yourself and what you are can be two different things. However, reflecting on my own role here at Concept4, this does shine a light on the truth of the situation. Whilst I am Finance Director I spend a decent proportion of my time these days on the marketing side of the business. I write website content and blogs, like this one, work on various SEO and PPC campaigns and am starting to obsess about our Google rankings. On my desk are two books about SEO and Google strategies. I suspect not many qualified accountants do this kind of work. Thinking about our team as a whole, we are all part of the creative collective company mind-set and I certainly enjoy that part of my role. So I guess Einstein was right, creativity is contagious here at Concept4 - and I am happily infected!