Life on the road as a Sales Account Manager

Luke has been with the Concept4 for team for almost 12 months, and has just progressed from Client Services Executive to Account Manager. So we thought we would have a chat and find out what's new and exciting about this role.

So Luke, are you enjoying the new role?

Yes it's been great so far.

What do you feel has been the biggest change for you, moving from Client Service to Sales Account Management?

Taking the driving seat of a project from the very first stage, briefing, right through to production/delivery! It's also been a bit strange having a 'buddy' to help prepare quotes and other admin whilst I'm out on the road, having been that 'buddy' not so long ago!

Who's your support person in the office? Or buddy as we affectionately know them

Susan Hugill, one of our fantastic Account Executives.

Which area of sales are you focusing on?

I'm working with Mohsin Ditta and we're tackling state schools on a national scale.

Do you feel it's been a big learning curve for you?

I think it's been a continuation of the Client Service role, with more emphasis on driving new sales and creating opportunities for both new and existing clients.

Who would you say has been your role model within concept4?

I think it's been a team effort with support from our MD Jane Cleaver, the super knowledgeable Media Director, Alex Buck and of course working closely with Mohsin Ditta who's been our Education Account Manager for the past 3 years. Alluke_lederhosenthough we do have our moments of competitiveness (allegedly).

Is there anything you miss about being office based? Apart from your former line manager? 

Brews. Tea is life. I also miss Susan.

What do you do for fun?

Well, this weekend for example I'll be dressed up in lederhosen on a stag weekend in Munich, for Oktoberfest!!! I have a sneaky feeling a picture of my head on someone else's lederhosen wearing body is going to appear with this article (the magic of photoshop, and the mean people in the studio).

What does the future hold for Luke Hargraves?

That's easy. World domination.