More content writing, thank you please!

Wait, I need to blog more than once a year?

I was asked by Emma, our Group Marketing Manager to generate some blog content for our company website. I’ve written a couple of blogs in the past which went down well (talk about shooting yourself in the foot), now she’s asking for MORE! Once a year is not often enough, she says!

Content marketing to grow your customer base

So, now I’m being asked for a series of blogs to engage our growing customer base! As you can imagine, our Group Marketing Manager can be pretty persuasive. But as an accountant I’m somewhat daunted by the development of this conversation… especially as it escalated with various online resources and links to help me get to grips with the process of writing regular, engaging content.

What I found was rather surprising

As I conducted my own research around content marketing, I found a lot of suggested short cuts, check-lists, formulas, tips and tools to speed up the process and maximise output. The deeper I delved the more quantity jumped out over quality. I found very little about original thinking, planning time or structure. It would seem no one really wants to write anymore and regurgitating content is the norm. Almost as if the end game is better search rankings, not writing content that people actually enjoy reading.

When content meets target customer

Stuck in this blog sub-culture celebration of regurgitation I was thankfully rescued when I read one article’s alluring title “are you one of the few people that actually still likes generating original content?” Hang on, that’s me – and before I knew it, I was signing up. At least I know content marketing works!

Time to get serious

I certainly like the idea of getting closer to Content4, our content management system (CMS) After all, it’s our core website product created specifically for schools!  I had to speak in hushed tones in our sales hub when I said I didn’t know that much about our CMS (forgive me, I’m finance, not development!). But this has given me an opportunity to get deeply involved with our products, and show that I’m not just the guy that holds the purse strings. Plus, there’s the added bonus of spending time with Danny, our CMS trainer and all-round technical guru. Yep, I’m fired up, let’s do it.

Content marketing checklist

Now that I’ve finished my first blog of the year (to be developed into a blog series in 2019) I need to review afore mentioned checklist to see if I’m on the right track, here goes:

  • Catchy blog title? Possibly
  • Metatags linked symbiotically to the Google interface? No idea!
  • Mentioned our CMS? Yes, three times now. Thank you
  • Keywords clearly identified? I am going to go with regurgitation and guru
  • Checked the content carefully? Yes
  • Added links to other blogs? Maybe next time
  • Cynical/comedy approach? Hopefully
  • Stunning conclusion? This is harder than I thought…….

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