School prospectus, yay or nay?

So, what are the benefits of a school prospectus?

It used to be so clear, every school had one! It was the ‘done thing’ – so what’s changed? We all shifted focus to digital, that’s what changed! Many schools are now directing prospective parents to their school website for everything they need to know, assuming that will 100% suffice and aid the decision-making process. But we firmly believe the school prospectus can still hold significant value and here’s why… 

  1. Cutout_prospectus_cutout.pngBelieve it or not, we’re not all digitally savvy. Assuming 100% of your target audience either can or would want to access information about your school solely via your school website, could be a huge mistake, at a cost to you. Lots of people still like to physically hold something in their hand, and take it away with them from an open evening. Does the older generation (grandparents with a vested interest, for example) really want to stare at a screen?
  2. Stand out from the crowd! If lots of competitors are opting to direct parents to their school website, forgive us but, isn’t this an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and be memorable…the school that went that extra mile to impress?
  3. Targeted information. By this, we mean you’re not making your audience work hard (no matter how good your website and your user journey may be!) to find the information they’re looking for. Present it to them in a visually appealing and easily digested format. Your prospectus can get messages across in a tactile and aesthetic way that the website cannot.
  4. Your school prospectus can be digital! Don’t eliminate the school prospectus altogether, at least produce one and convert it into a ‘page flip’ version that can be placed on your website (and be mobile friendly). You can add interactive elements to enhance the experience and even track the page views using Google Analytics.
  5. Printing your school prospectus can be VERY cost effective. Assuming you won’t need to print as many as you once would, opens up a whole new world of low-cost printing. We’re geared up to cost efficiently print as few as 50 prospectuses for you. So, you can have the best of both worlds: a well-designed website with a clear user journey plus a stunning prospectus that you can update as often as you need to, and in numbers that mean you have just enough for an open evening without the worry of a storeroom full of thousands more.

If this all sounds great, talk to us and take a look at some samples of our bespoke school prospectus work. And if you’ve still no budget for design, let alone print, we’ve got something up our sleeve for you. Our sister company Made for Education have a range of prospectus design templates to choose from with printing from as little as 50! #noexcuses