The benefits of a Concept4 flexi-theme builder website



If you’re looking to revamp your primary school website look no further than the flexi-theme builder - designed for you, adapted to your school.

When looking for primary school website builders you’ll have no doubt come across several free options. While the free options are certainly appealing from a zero price point of view, you also get what you pay for which, quite frankly, is the bare minimum. You’ll have also stumbled across all singing all dancing website design tools and bespoke custom made designs and look great, but might quite simply be out of your budget range. 

However, what you may not have come across is our flexi-theme website builder - a high quality designed website which can be customised to your school for a price that won’t leave you high and dry.

Stunning designs

Built by our highly skilled team, the flexi-theme builder package has a range of stunning designs which utilise the latest in design techniques and website development technology. Built with the user in mind, the flexi-theme builder is built to ensure visitors to your website find it simple, straightforward and easy to navigate, giving them the best experience possible while they’re using your site.

What’s more, the flexi-theme builder allows you to mix and match design elements to create a design entirely customised to your primary school. Easily add in your school logo and colours and your finished website will not only be on brand and visually appealing, it’ll also be easy to navigate for potential students and their parents.

With the flexi-theme builder you’ll be able to choose from a complete design or you can mix and match from our templates. Provide us with your school branding, photos and video (if you don’t have photography, we can also provide affordable options!) then just sit back and wait for our skilled team to work their magic. Once we’ve squirreled away behind the scenes, you’ll be sent a link to view your brand new site and approve it. Then, we’ll populate your shiny new pages with your content and arrange a convenient go live date with you. We’ll give you online website training before the big day and then, once your new site is up and running you’ll be handed the reigns to manage it as and when you need to.

Leading school CMS - Content4

If our custom templates and training wasn’t enough, with our flexi-theme builder you’ll also get our leading school CMS - Content4 plugged in. We built Content4 from the ground up and it’s built with schools in mind. The content management system simply plugs into your brand new website and gives you a powerful, versatile and market-leading tool at your disposal for no extra cost.

Content4 has been so successful within the education sector because it’s easy to use and simple yet we’ve jam-packed it with rich features. It’s the go-to CMS tool for schools and it’ll make your life easier and your website super easy to manage.

With flexi-theme builder you’ll get a brand new customised school website and a fantastic CMS tool thrown in for just £2,000. What’s more, you’ll also be given a dedicated Account Manager who’ll guide you through your exciting new website project. Even better, we’ll aim to have it all completed from start to finish within six weeks.

What are you waiting for? To give your primary school the boost it needs, ask about our flexi-theme builder today.