The Secrets of SEO - Attracting the traffic

If you haven't read part one of our Secrets of SEO blog series , giving you an introduction to SEO then click here. If you are all up to date then we will hand it back over to our SEO and PPC Consultant Danny - Take it away!


"So now we know what that SEO works side by side with search engines, we have to ask the question, 'how do these search engine choose how to rank websites?'  Well as an example, Google released that they use approximately 300 different factors when it comes to ranking websites - and if you manage to find out what they are, then please share with the rest of us! So if we don't know what these are then how can we rank our websites successfully? Well there are some that we do know like, page titles, meta descriptions, headings, links and keywords. 

Now you have all of this information then you need to know, what you should use to bring traffic to your website? Well, each site is different, so you have to tailor your search terms for the needs of your website. What do you use your website for, who do you want to visit your website, how do you want people to perceive your brand? These are all questions you should consider. 

However when answering these questions there's still one aspect you should keep in your mind, and that's user experience. Although adding multiple external and internal links onto to a page, using multiple keywords in text and putting a call to action here there and everywhere will help your SEO, it still needs to be considered if this is friendly towards the people using your website. If you're tailoring your content so that it includes keywords, make sure that it still reads smoothly for your user. 


Now we have addressed how a search engine will organically rank your website, and what you can do to make your website visible on the search you want, there's only one possible tip I could give you: User first, SEO second.