What's an SSL certificate and why do you need one?



It’s all about security and your users

Having an SSL certificate installed on your web server activates the green 'padlock' symbol in the browser’s address bar. With the HTTPS protocol (where 'S' stands for 'Secure') your users can enjoy a safe browsing experience. The last thing you want is the ‘not secure’ warning message when a user tries to access your website, which is exactly what will happen with most up-to-date browser versions if you don’t have one installed. You can see this in Chrome (version 68 onwards) and read more in , that is, without the 'S', the data that is transferred by your website is not encrypted and this will make users wary of interacting with your website. 

What’s involved in setting one up?

If your website is hosted and developed by us, then we can take care of it all for you! SSL certificates are relatively simple to set up, costing a minimal amount for complete security and peace of mind. Especially if you’re a school or college collecting personal, sometimes sensitive data on your enquiry or enrolment forms whilst adhering to strict GDPR guidelines. Or you have an ecommerce website and you’re processing payments.

To activate your SSL certificate now please contact your Account Manager who will be more than happy to help.