Why we won the Furness College website tender...

We were chuffed to be invited to pitch for Furness College’s new website following a recommendation from another of our college clients! One of the reasons we were awarded the Contract is our ‘Course Manager’ module - when Furness College saw it in action and realised how much it would improve their own content - it was in the bag!

Save time and achieve more! college_course_manager.jpg

Using WordPress as their CMS alongside Course Manager, the College now has the additional features and functionality they need to move forward and achieve their goals. Course Manager gives their marketing team the ability to inject much needed marketing led course summaries, video content and student profiles into their course information which feeds directly from their MIS.

In addition to this, we built an online application form that feeds directly into ProSolution. This provides Furness College with real time access to form submissions, allowing them to proactively follow up prospective students and save huge amounts of time in Student Services!

Great design, great UX!

The college website design itself is clean and contemporary, using a sector-led main navigation and considered user experience so visitors quickly find the information they’re looking for. Courses are easy to search, by sector (e.g. school leavers, higher education, adult learning), by subject area or campus. Each course page contains a number of design elements built around the MIS feed of the core data, using calls to action to prompt an enquiry, application or visit an open day.

Launched in January 2019, the new website is still in its infancy and we’re confident the impact it will have across all stakeholders will be impressive. We’re continuing to work with Furness College, creating additional forms to integrate with their MIS to save them more time and money! 

Dillon Lawrence, Marketing Co-ordinator for Furness College:

“We chose Concept4 as they took the time to understand our complex needs surrounding the integration of both the new site and new application process with our existing MIS and offered their thoughts and experience from working in the education sector (including offering unique features such as the Course Manager). They also understood our aims of improving the online experience we offer to parents, students as well as potential students on both desktop and mobile devices. The development team have been responsive throughout the development process and worked with us to ensure our requirements were met. Since the website recently launched we’ve had great feedback from a variety of users who have commented on the intuitiveness of the site as well as its sleek design. It’s also helping to improve our conversion rate and the new application process developed by Concept4 has simplified our application journey massively.”

What our Media Director, Alex Buck had to say about the project:

“This is another excellent example of our work in the FE sector. We’re providing solutions that go way beyond what clients thought possible when they issued the brief. Furness College were great to work with – really hands-on and enthusiastic. The added value from our service, combined with our sector knowledge is something I know will benefit more and more colleges in the coming months.”

There's a reason colleges seek us out for their website projects! Want to join the club? Contact us today and let's make progress with your college website too.