17 prospectuses... in ONE month!

So, we're not shy of a deadline, and we're used to turning things around quickly at times, but no one expected to complete 17 prospectuses in one month! That's right. Just after settling down from pushing a large volume of websites live in August, it was full steam ahead to turn round not 1, not 2, but 17 school prospectuses inside of a month!

Clients new and oldgreenhead_prospectus.png

From a new prospectus design and print for Greenhead College, our client of over 30 years, to a completely new prospectus project (circular format no less!) for South Craven School… it just goes to show that the school prospectus is certainly not dead! Probably the only significant change is the reduction in printed copies, but an increase in the number of interactive prospectuses on school websites. Utilising cheaper digital printing for lower runs and having a digital copy available to download on the website is the winning formula these days.

Check out some of our latest prospectus projects…South Craven, FitwimarcKirkbie Kendal (including sixth form) and Greenhead College! So needless to say, if you need a school prospectus, you know where we are! Oh and did we mention, we also designed and developed all of the above websites