If you, like many other schools, are still managing your sixth form admissions with a paper-based application system, we can help save you time and money, not to mention human errors, with our online admissions solution. This streamlined, completely paper-free system, with advanced customisation and personalisation will help you win back valuable time to focus on other priorities.


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Students complete the bespoke application form on your website and you’ll receive a confirmation email when it’s done, as do the student and parents/guardians. Taking it a step further, feeder schools automatically receive a reference request for the student which they too can complete online. Finally, when you’re ready to take it to the next step, you can send interview invites out through the system. It’s slick, it’s quick and it’s 100% paper-free!
Automated emails at every part of the process ensure improved communications for all stakeholders and eliminate the need for parents and students to check up on the application form process by phone or email.
Automated referral requests mean students who’re applying from an external school have a referral request sent to their current school automatically on application. A unique link means relevant information to the student’s application and this feeds right back into the dashboard.
You’re going to save a FORTUNE in staff time! In fact, this application form system is going to pay for itself in year 1. From then onwards, it’s down to you what you do with all that extra staff resource.
As well as saving time (money), you’ll be saving the environment! Students and parents will thank you for this, it’s a great learning opportunity for students too, which in turn – OFSTED will love!
Intelligent reporting means we can customise your output, based on your requirements. Want to know which course was the most popular? Easy. Want us to create an output for your selected cohort that’s easily imported into SIMS? No problem! Plus, your data is securely hosted with a locked down admin and you can tick that GDPR box with encrypted data.
Application4 has been designed with students in mind! Save and return means they can reflect on their answers (go out with their friends!) then come back to continue their application. But, we’ve thought about you too. So students can only pick course combinations that work, e.g. no Further Maths without Maths A Level, etc. We’ve even added subject object block rules to prevent timetable clashes! At the end of this undoubtedly slick process – students can review (have parents review!) their entire submission in a print friendly format.


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