3 websites in one for Canary Wharf College

Canary Wharf College, a client of ours for over 6 years, wanted a new website which combined all 3 of their schools AND the trust into one, on the same domain and all controlled by the same content management system (CMS). They asked, they got! 

Stunning design, intelligent user interface - outstanding UX!

Of course we love a challenge and it really was a delight to work on this beautiful new website design with such fresh colours and fantastic photography to bring the schools and trust to life. The challenge came in creating a user interface that allowed users to go to any of the 3 schools, or the trust from the website homepage, and each of those sites to have their own content, managed by the same CMS. 

"The brief was to modernise our existing website and make it simpler to navigate, this included providing photography for the site. The team were responsive to requests and helpful in guiding us to make the right decisions. The service was excellent from project development, design concepts and delivering a final product we are happy with - we look forward to working with them in future."

Peter Young, Canary Wharf College, Finance and Operations Director. 

Bespoke CMS knows no boundaries!Canary_Homepage_Background-BLOG.png

Thanks to our completely bespoke CMS - built, managed and maintained by our in-house development team, we were able to create a backend environment which controlled all 4 websites with unique content for each (as well a different navigation for the trust site) all on the same domain. This not only meant a solution for the schools and trust which was far more cost effective than creating 4 websites, it meant savings on training and a uniformity to the design to maintain the consistent look and feel across the schools and the trust. View the website here.

If you have a unique website project in mind, then please pick up the phone and let's have a chat. There are so many possibilities to get the digital presence you want at a price that is manageable and partnering with the right school marketing agency will help you to achieve your goals.