A school website with a difference

It's always exciting when a school wants to do something a little bit different with their school website, so when our existing client Uplands Community College wanted to renew their website package with us, and produce something that stood out from the competition - we were delighted to pick up the project. 

Our website designers came up with a superb home page featuring 5 students, which on hover clicked through to their own quote telling the user what they want to be when they grow up! Such an engaging feature and a great way to make students the centre piece of your school website. Uplands_updated-devices.png

And the rest...

The curvature of the design brought through the school branding and professional photography really depicted day to day life at the school. Achievement points which recalculate throughout the school year were also a focus point of the home page, which would again drive users back to the website to see the latest scores. 

A quick link to the interactive school prospectus as well as search function make for a solid user experience on this school website design. We're pleased with the result - you can see the full website here