Captivate your college audience with video marketing


If your marketing plan doesn't feature video then you're missing a trick to really captivate your college audience.

People, on average spend more than 1,000 minutes watching online videos every single month with the younger age range being the prime audience.

While blogs and long form content have their place in a college marketing plan, more and more people are consuming video content with 45 percent of people watching videos on Facebook or YouTube for more than an hour a week.video_marketing_03.png

Showing your school or college’s personality can be difficult to do in written content but authentic, genuine videos make it easier for you to display your personality and your values, allowing you to connect with your audience on a more personal level.

Featuring a video on your landing page can increase conversion rates by over 80% and the mere mention of ‘video’ in your email subject line can increase open rates by 19%.

Here are some top tips to help captivate and convert your audience with video marketing:

Keep it short, sharp & snappy 

In today’s world, everything needs to be consumed on-the-go. It’s a fast paced world we live in and it’s unlikely your audience will sit through a lengthy video about your school, college or university. Videos less than two minutes long are ideal; they suit our busy lives, brief attention spans and the constant need for instant, easily accessible content. Studies have shown that engagement drops sharply after 30 seconds, making it essential to keep your videos short, sharp and snappy. It’s also vital to ensure the most important information is at the start of the video and aim for maximum impact in the minimum amount of time. video_marketing_02.png

Authenticity is key

Featuring actors and writing a script for your videos isn’t authentic and your audience will know it’s not real. Putting genuine people front and centre in your videos will help inspire, inform and engage your audience and they’ll feel more connected to your video content. Let your happy and successful students do the talking and share testimonial videos from your current crop of pupils. Not only will they captivate potential students but the morale across the student base could also get an extra boost.

Keep track

Video is an investment, so making sure you're checking out your analytics regularly will tell you where your viewers are coming from, how long they stay tuned for and, more importantly, when they’ve had enough and decide to switch off from your content. This knowledge can assist you in not only figuring out what works and what doesn’t for your audience and help inform future planning! 

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