Dynamic digital dashboard for your hospice!

When Bolton Hospice approached us to look at their Annual Report, we put forward a digital solution that wowed their marketing team and was simply too good to refuse! Why? Because not only does it look amazing, presents the numbers in an easy to digest format AND comes with a fantastic calculator, showing how donations could be spent, it also means thousands of pounds saved in years to come, giving the Hospice money to invest in more staff, resources and better care. 11.jpg

The benefits of digital

In a world where digital disruption is all around us, keeping up with the times is more important than ever! Whether that’s to stay one step ahead of your competitors, keeping your customers informed or simply to maximise the commercial opportunities that digitisation brings. But what are the benefits of being more digitally focussed for a hospice?

  • It reduces cost! If for no other reason, hospices should be looking for as many opportunities as they can to save money by streamlining processes and going digital is the ultimate way to do just that. Whether it’s taking donations through your website, keeping in touch you’re your stakeholders by email or presenting your Annual Report figures – the opportunities are endless.
  • Managing expectations. Don’t be fooled into thinking consumers won’t act like consumers when they’re on your hospice website. And by that we mean, if you’ve got a clunky user experience and people can’t find what they’re looking for, or your donations page is difficult to use – some people WILL abandon! And that’s the last thing you want. Digitisation brings more and more impatient users, and this is the biggest challenge marketeers face.
  • Inbound marketing. We’re talking about everything we do as marketeers being built around drawing the customer to you, through a carefully executed inbound marketing strategy. Using content marketing to nurture your customers from awareness through to a conversion is the future of marketing and digital lies at the heart of this. Blogs, video, online PR, influencer marketing, SEO, the list goes on… and whilst keeping up with digital marketing is a challenge, it also represents unprecedented opportunities to today’s marketeer!


Easy to update dashboard and calculator for your hospice

If you want to switch to a digital Annual Report that’s super engaging and pays for itself within the first year, two at most, then this dashboard is absolutely for you. Check out how we did it with Bolton Hospice. Their marketing team are now updating this every quarter, meaning their stakeholders don’t have to wait a year for the latest figures! They can even do it monthly, or weekly if they wanted to - just stop for a minute and think of the advantages of that to your hospice, as a non-profit organisation! We even developed an amazing calculator which people can input the amount they’d like to donate and see exactly how that money can be spent. These digital tools add value to your marketing, boost stakeholder engagement, save you money and time - the only question you should be asking yourself is… why wouldn’t you?