Enhance communications with a school app

While a standout school website attracts new prospects into your school and keeps outside influences informed, it’s just as important to keep communication lines open with those already in your school network. 

Having a good mobile application can be key to keeping parents, students and teachers connected and communicating throughout the school day and their school years. 

Student Success communication_app.png

Around 86% of 12-18 year-olds use a mobile phone so it makes perfect sense for a mobile app to be the best, and easiest way, for the school to communicate with its students. 

Apps like Homework4 can work as an online portal for students and become a place where they can access online files, remote workbooks and links to further reading to help them in their studies. Parents can access attendance records of their child and see the homework they’ve been assigned and, more importantly, whether they’ve completed it or not.

Pleasing the Parents

Having a school app, like School Alerts, makes it easier to build relationships with parents and helps them feel included in their child’s education.  school_alerts_new.png

An effective school app allows you to send letters to parents directly via the app which may sometimes not make it home via the child, meaning parents are kept updated with their child’s progress.

A Teacher’s Toolkit

An effective app can seamlessly integrate into a teacher’s daily life and make their day more efficient when utilised properly. 

Using Homework4 they can access their timetable and make online notes for their lesson plans, as well as record any behavioural issues during the class on the app. 

Not only that but they can assign homework for each child too, saving money on printing materials, and can easily send additional reading or interesting links to each child should they want to find out more about the topics they’ve learned about. 

As well as this, teachers can communicate easily with their students over a safe, secure and monitored platform which protects them and their students. homework4_new.jpg

Effective school communications

Having a mobile app can make processes in school more efficient and effective while also increasing communications across the school community. Working on a secure and safe platform, the school can go digital, saving time and money on printing, whilst retaining the culture and community feel which is vital to every educational institute. 

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