Looking For A New School Website Design Agency In 2022?

Every year most of us take stock over the Christmas break and start the year with some very good intentions, or perhaps more specifically resolutions. Starting a new dietary regime or taking up a new healthy hobby are very common, though not always seen through in the long term. From a work perspective too, there are things we also reflect on in this period that we would like to change.


Is this the year to finally tackle the website issue that has been troubling you and your school for some time? Is your site not living up to initial expectations? Do you find your agency loses interest once your site is live? Are you frustrated with clunky site navigation and parents unable to find information easily? So many schools are not getting the great service they deserve. Worse than that, many are struggling with an out of date CMS, the threat of discontinued service, site stability issues, constantly changing agency contacts and more. Over the years we have heard it all, from crazy price increases to complete CMS discontinuation at short notice! This is the kind of hassle we know you really don’t need. You want to focus your attention on education and meeting Ofsted’s expectations, propelling students to a brighter future, not worrying about your school website. Is your current website contract up for renewal soon? Is it time, then, to consider working with a new school website design agency in 2022, one who thoroughly understands the education sector and puts customer service first?


At Concept4, one of the many things we pride ourselves on is our ongoing support following the launch of your new website. Whether this is training, site updates or advice on things like accessibility, we maintain a keen interest in how your site progresses and is utilised. We go on this journey together and go that extra mile for you. Yes, great looking design is important, as is user experience and site reliability. Rest assured we have all those covered but ultimately we feel our very high level of customer retention is down to our superb ongoing support. This comes from an experienced team of skilled individuals who care about what they do. Our staff turnover is almost non-existent; we have created a bespoke team that complement each other well, meaning customers are looked after and kept well informed of progress. Don’t just take our word for it. Check out our newly created testimonials page which features an abundance of customer satisfaction!

If we sound like the kind of agency you would like to work with to create a great new website in 2022 then please do get in touch to talk in more detail about the progress we can make together.