A primary school website for less than £2,000!

Welcome back to school! All the excitement of the new year, a new intake, teachers changing year groups, new Governors, even new buildings! It’s easy to put your primary school marketing on a back burner - but now is actually the perfect time to start planning your new school website!

Where to start…

We know there’s a lot of companies claiming to be primary school website experts and the choices on offer can be overwhelming, with prices varying from £500 to £5,000! Let’s face it, your job is to teach, or lead a team of teachers, not know everything there is to know about school website development. That’s where partnering with an established school marketing agency can save you both time and money. A quick Google search for ‘primary school website design’ will show you the businesses that Google favours enough to show you as the leading agencies in the sector, so enquiring with those is a great place to start.

Budget friendly packages

Working with a trusted school marketing partner you’ll no doubt have the option of multiple packages to suit any size of budget. This can vary from a template design you can brand to your school or a fully bespoke primary school website design; you should find there are several options to achieve your perfect school website at a price that fits your budget plan. Be sure to check the cost of hosting and support and any future website updates going forward. Also be aware of price hikes at the end of your contract period.

Do your research

Once you’ve found a few agencies you like the look of, be sure to check out their portfolio of work. Don’t just look at the work on their website, go to the actual school websites they’ve designed and have a click around! When you’re ready to roll, put together a solid school website brief and ping it over! If you want to talk all things websites get in touch with us or have a look at some of our recent work with primary schools like https://www.shackletonprimary.co.uk/ or https://www.shortstownprimary.co.uk/.