How to increase student engagement in colleges through effective digital marketing

student_engagement_01.pngEngaging with college students can be difficult. According to research 96% of 16-24 year-olds have a smartphone and, walking round college you can be sure to bump into a student too engrossed in their phone to notice where they’re going. However, by embracing the smartphone revolution, you can truly engage with your students and use their lifeline to your advantage.

Student engagement is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s ensuring your college is connected and engaged to every single student in the student body and listening to their opinions and views. Ensuring the voices of your students are heard and that your pupils feel listened to can be a hallmark of success for years to come.

Website Engagement student_engagement_02.png

Putting your students at the centre of your website doesn’t just look appealing for prospective newcomers, it also gives a personalised view to your website and makes your current students feel valued and important.

Having a responsive website design ensures your students can access your website from anywhere, even their mobiles, without the quality of the design diminishing.

User experience is also vital for engagement. A well designed website with built-in UX can give each user a personalised experience, depending on whether they’re a student, parent or member of staff; effectively engaging with every user no matter who they are.

Course Manager module

With our Course Manager module, you can easily display all your course information including location, fees, duration and more. By taking a feed from your MIS, make your website and course information more engaging than ever before and cut the admin work while doing so. Not only does this engage with potential students, it also gives your current students easily accessible options should they want to explore other avenues open to them.

Adding unique elements to your website can open up a whole world of possibilities and, embracing innovative technology to improve your digital marketing, you can not only engage with potential students but keep your current students more engaged than ever before. To talk to us about college website design and digital marketing - enquire now, and let's make progress...