Maths Hub for London South East education provider

With a key priority of ‘ensuring a quality maths education for all’, we were naturally pleased when the South East London Maths Hub approached us to work with them in developing a bespoke website which works for its students.

South East Maths Hub is one of six hubs within London and is part of a national initiative designed to support schools across its borough.

Website Development

To help it stand out from the crowd, South East London Maths Hub were looking to partner with a website agency that not only had experience within education but also had the techniques and skills required to bring its vision to life.

Our design team got to work on creating a brand new bespoke website with interactive elements, familiar photography and a cohesive colour scheme throughout. One of the brilliant aspects we created for the South East London Maths Hub was the map which highlights the areas targeted by the Maths Hub as the user scrolls down the homepage. mathshub_Blog.png


As part of our approach, staff are trained to use the website interface so they can easily change pages and upload articles, resources and downloadable files whenever they want to. The South East London Maths Hub was no different and, before the go live date in July, staff were trained so they can easily upload its programme ideas to the website so schools across the area can see what is on offer before registering interest.

Slick and easy

The bespoke new website helps the South East London Maths Hub stand out from the rest. The slick new design brings together its clean branding with a smart front end design. The user interface is also easy to use and navigate across several device types while the interactive map and colour coded tiles make the user experience simple and straightforward. Click here for the full website.