Why Online Applications Are the Way Forward


The digital transformation has transformed our lives. When we book a hotel, we get an email confirmation. When we book a restaurant, we tend to do it online. When we buy event tickets, it’s mostly done online. If you’re looking for a new job, you’ll probably head online first to send off applications. So why should applying for a college be any different?

A paper-based admissions system doesn’t just give off the wrong impression to forward thinking students but it also takes up valuable staff time and can be extremely costly.

Switching to an online based application system can not only save you time and money and cut down on human errors, but the online application system can often be tailored to fit your requirements and ensure your facility is attracting the best of the best.

Here’s eight reasons why you should be considering switching to online applications:

  1. Streamlined
    With a paper application system, files will have to be passed from person to person as a student goes through the application stages. However, by switching to an online system not only do you stop the needless passing around of files, you’ll also drastically reduce time spent on administration costs and you’ll save money on additional resources needed to do those tasks.
  2. Access anywhere
    A bespoke application form can be accessed from any device including laptops, tablets and even mobile phones. What’s more, using an online application system allows feeder schools to automatically receive a reference request for the student in question; leading them to complete their part of the application online in a timely manner. Interview invites can also be sent through with just a click making it easier and quicker than ever before - and it’s all paper free!
  3. Automation
    Long gone are the days where your administration team have to write and type a new email to every student at every stage of the application process. Instead, with an online system you’ll get automated emails sent at every part of the process. Not only does the automation improve communication for everyone but it also eliminates your admin team having to individually email people and, stop parents or students calling up to ask for an update on their application.
  4. Referrals
    Again automation makes the referral process even simpler. Students who are applying from an external school will have a referral request sent to their current school automatically as soon as they apply for your college or sixth form. The unique link will mean that, as soon as anything is updated on the application, then the dashboard for that student will also automatically update.
  5. Time is money
    There’s a famous saying in business that time is money and, by switching to an online application system, you’ll be saving tons of time. In fact, by switching to an online system it could even pay for itself within the first year because of the time and money your admin team will have saved.
  6. Go green!
    Environmental issues are at the forefront of the news at the moment and, by switching to a paperless system you’ll be doing your bit! Eradicate endless printing, paper and postal costs by swapping to an online system. Don’t worry though if you still need some paper resources for your application system; you can have a branded PDF created that will work perfectly for you.
  7. Reporting
    With an online application system you’ll be given accurate reporting stats. If you want to set minimum requirements for a certain course, you can do! Or, if you want to know which courses were the most popular or uncover the gender mix of each course then you can do that as well with intelligent reporting. Don’t worry though, all data is GDPR compliant, encrypted and securely hosted.
  8. Save for later
    Life as we know it can be hectic and for students it’s no different. With an online application system they’ll be able to save and return to their application at a later date. What’s more, at the end of their application students and their parents will be able to review the entire application in a print friendly format.
  9. Students in mind
    Concept4’s online application system has been designed with students in mind, making it easier than ever for them to find the courses suitable for them. For example, for the Further Maths course, students won’t be able to apply if they haven’t completed their Maths GCSE or Maths A-Level. The system will also have subject option blocks to prevent timetable clashing to make things easier for everyone.

Concept4 has been working in the education sector for more than 30 years so we’re well placed to help you create a bespoke online application system that works for your staff and your prospective students.

To have an informal chat with us about how we can tailor a system to your unique requirements, call us now or send an email and we’ll be happy to give you a call back!