Primary School Website Special Offer

Not another mega sale or special deal I hear you say. You’ve heard it all before a million times. You don’t even need a new sofa! Hang on though, this is for a primary school website, genuinely at half price, genuinely only ten available until the end of February. OK, go on then, tell me more.


It seems our finance director Jason may have had too much sherry trifle over the Christmas break and he has agreed to this offer. We hope this is not a mistake but we are briefly trying a new price point for our popular template based primary school websites. We are genuinely testing this approach and it is unlikely to be repeated any time soon. For only a £1000 your school can have a shiny new website with all the bells and whistles you would expect from a leading provider of websites in education. Nothing is excluded from our normal deals except the other £1000 invoice! You still get a themed responsive design site. You still get CMS features and functionality, social media integration and some content population. You still get a dedicated project manager. You still get training, updates and support. So what’s the catch? The catch is you must place your order before the end of February and be one of the first ten primary schools to do so.


Did I mention there are only ten of the flexi theme websites for primary schools available at this price? By the time you are reading this there are likely to be less than that still available. Nine, eight, seven, six, five……….These flexi theme websites are a great way to make savings for your school. Our design team have created a range of beautiful designs for these template based packages. You can mix and match key elements to make you own customised design. Of course your school colours and branding will be applied to put your individual stamp on the finished site. Take a look at a couple of recent examples of the primary school websites we have produced:

If this is genuinely of interest to you and your school please don’t delay. Speak to us today on 01282 612222 and we will explain in more detail this not to be missed offer and secure your discounted website.