Ten Year Challenge

It would be rude not to jump on this #TenYearChallenge… so we’ve trawled our archives and grabbed an image of a client’s website we first designed 10 years ago and what it looks like today - also designed by us. A great demonstration of the long term relationships we have with our clients! 



chis_and_sid_2009.jpg chis_and_sid_2019.jpg

Staying ahead of the curve in such as fast paced digital environment is a constant challenge, but it’s a must if we want to keep producing websites for our clients that push digital boundaries. Users expect an awful lot from your website and if you don’t deliver, you’ve guessed it, they ain’t coming back! On top of that, a website with poor user experience is going to hurt your search rankings too. Night. Mare.

But what’s changed in website design over the last ten years?


As with anything, improvements in tech mean more cost-effective solutions. These days organisations on a budget can have a professional looking website with a powerful CMS like WordPress for as little as £500. That said, you’re restricted to template designs and limited functionality - but that might be all you need. If you’ve got a more flexible budget it means more of that can go into a great design and a considered user journey, rather than loads of CMS development as it would have back in the day…


The major change here is the advancement in mobile technology. The first generation of smart phones was released in 2007, fast forward to 2019 and mobiles devices now make up more website users than desktop. Meaning responsive design is paramount - with some companies designing for mobile first, desktop second… that’s a huge shift.


2009 hot trends included magazine style themes, footer navigations, retro 70s graphic styling and 3D layers so sticky notes and pens created optical illusions. But what hot trends are set to hit the scene in 2019? Glad you asked…

Vibrant and bright gradients have started to make a comeback and we think it’s going to be a big design trend this year. Web-design-trends-in-2019-apple-1024x853.jpg

Bold typography making text much easier to read across a variety of devices and complimenting the bold designs that are set to hit the scene.

Retro art with a modern twist, along with custom graphics is a trend we’re expecting to see continue this year. Sleek modern vectors and throw back colours with a nod to the 80's and 90's!

It’s good fun to look back at how far we’ve come and a bit of an eye opener too! It’s an exciting time for designers, developers and users alike and who knows where we’ll be in another ten years time!