Concept4 – The Benefits Of Working With A Small Company

I have always been a big fan of working with a small company. As a personal consumer I am all too familiar with the difficulties of dealing with large organisations for say co-ordinating utilities, broadband or entertainment services. Even if you are lucky enough to speak to a real person they can’t always help you. Dealing with a big company is not always to the benefit of the purchaser. Sure, sometimes this can result in cost savings but what about customer service and product quality. At Concept4 we still try to deliver the holy grail of purchasing experiences. A quality product at a fair price with excellent customer service and ongoing support. You don’t even need to be Indiana Jones to get it!


Some might say this business cliché is outdated but I would argue good customer service never loses its attraction and remains a massive customer priority. Combine this with our long established happy team who are both multi-skilled and experts in their field, you have a fantastic offering for potential customers. Sure we are small, but this makes us very agile as a business, innovative and we provide genuine personal service. Most of all we care very much about what we do and that customers are happy with our services. This has meant our customer retention has always been very strong.


Researching this blog I found an interesting article about the advantages small business have, some of which resonated with our situation here at Concept4. As we are small we can be more useful to customers for a variety of reasons. Our size means we are a flexible and less bureaucratic business leading to quicker decision making and flexible pricing. For example you can have a three year payment plan for your new school website or not if it is does not suit you or something more bespoke to your needs if you ask us. Our creativity is unfettered by volume of activity and innovation is unrestricted by controls or hierarchy. In terms of customer service, we don’t just have a team dedicated to it, we are all that team. Our level of care, active listening and one to one magic described in the post are part of what makes us a successful small business. The full article can be found here.


Here at Concept4 we are very honest about being a small company. We don’t produce the most education websites. However we are owned and run by the same key staff. We have produced hundreds, not thousands of school and college websites. We are proud of what we do and in truth would like to get a little bigger, without compromising the benefits this brings to ourselves and our customers. We would love it if you joined us on our journey.