The growing importance of your primary school website



In March 2020, primary schools were closed indefinitely after the coronavirus pandemic swept the UK, and the world.

However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is vowing that schools will return in September, indicating a return to normality for millions of children across the country

Despite the eagerness to return to school, the school website is gaining importance in the new world we’re all facing, especially a primary school website.

Keeping informed

In a world where things are changing on a weekly, sometimes daily basis, it’s essential to have a website with clear information and guidance. This is especially important for a primary school website as the main audience will be parents of young children who will be concerned about their child’s welfare and will want to be kept informed of changes well in advance.

Primary school children will need care throughout the day, whether that’s in school or at home and parents will expect to be kept informed and updated with any changes the school may have in mind should they need to adapt their routine and life to fit that of the school and their child. The school website should be the communications hub for current parents to receive information and ask questions as well as an informative centre for potential parents and parents who might be considering your school as a future educational institute for their child.

Keeping safe and calm

When students do return to schools its expected that some form of social distancing will still be in place. For a primary school, this makes school a difficult place to negotiate and, undoubtedly, parents will be worried about their child’s safety.

The school website is essential to keep parents informed about plans for their child and how the school is planning on keeping each student safe. Primary school pupils are the age group which might find it harder than most to remain at a distance should they be required to therefore parents need to be assured that their children will be safe should schools reopen soon.

A school website would again be a hub for the information parents may need to access. Plans to keep the school COVID-19 safe could be released on the website prior to opening so parents can be consulted and talk to their children before they return to school. Photos of the school could also be published on the primary school website so parents and children can become familiar with the new surroundings prior to returning to the classroom.

Keeping admissions up

With open evenings and taster days unable to happen anytime soon, a stand out, informative primary school website is more important than ever.

Portraying your primary school in a professional, aesthetically pleasing way using an interactive, easy-to-navigate website is an efficient way to keep admissions up even if you can’t welcome students and their parents in person.

Virtual tours, curriculum information, extra curricular activities and details of your school’s culture can all be portrayed on a school website to entice parents to send their child to your school and keep admissions up during a difficult time.

Finally, having a primary school website that not only appeals to potential parents and their child but a website that’s informative and functional for current parents is of key importance in the new world. Parents need to be assured that their child will be safe at school and using the school website to portray plans and keep parents informed of safety protocols will be key in the months ahead.

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