Website and print for Heart Academies Trust

When one of our existing clients, Bedford Academy approached us to help with the early stages of a newly formed multi-academy trust, we were excited to be involved.


heart_tablet.pngThe core aim of the proposed partnership between the Academy and three primary schools was to create a family of academies who are at the heart of their community, delivering great education and improving life chances for all. With this in mind, the Trust was named ‘HEART Academies Trust’.


We began with the branding process; feeding from the Trust’s vision and key values - High Expectations Achievement Respect Trust (HEART) - a simple yet bold brand was created using a stylised heart symbol formed by blocks to represent a joining together of the schools. The colour choice was made with all the schools in mind, so each retains their individual, existing identities.

We designed an 8 page brochure to outline the Trust’s ethos, providing details about member schools and their forward plans; we followed this with the development of the Trust’s website. 


Adopting a commitment to positive collaboration allows each academy within the Trust to celebrate what they already do well and ensure continued development and improvement within the Trust. Concept4’s sector expertise and range of creative marketing services means we’re well placed to assist with this type of collaborative approach when new MATs are formed.