Website launch for South Craven School


South Craven School, an existing client who take our Homework4 web and app school planner solution in their school, were keen to work with us on a new website! They encourage all students to become South Craven Learners and believe students should possess 3 traits to develop into well-rounded individuals: courage, enquiry and growth. They wanted a website that communicated these values through the power of video and we were delighted to take on the project.


We’ve got to admit, we love working with full screen video on websites, it’s so impactful and engaging. The homepage uses the whole area to showcase video clips of students in action in a multitude of scenarios – all depicting life at the school and their 01.pngmission to become a successful South Craven Learner. A burger menu keeps the navigation clean allowing for full use of the screen for video and quicks links on scroll. The site integrates with their social channels with a live feed pulled through from Twitter and Facebook.


The website was launch in April 2019 and feedback from all stakeholders has been excellent. Long may our relationship with this wonderful school continue.

Click here to see the website.