5 Ways to further your schools marketing

Social media, SEO, website - Yes these are all useful when it comes to marketing your school, but are you coving all of your bases?

1. Develop a plan

The first step to having great school marketing, or great anything really, is planning. So whether it's creating a social calendar, objectives, consider your mobile marketing strategy. Decide on your strategies, when and who is going to make them happen, and you'll be one step closer to that great school marketing.

2. Automate your social media posts

Schools can be a busy place to be, multitasking is a regular occurrence, so when is comes to updating your social accounts.. Well they tend to get pushed to the back of the line! So why not schedule your posts, with programmes like Hoot Suite and Sprout Social, you can schedule when you want something to be posted, they also allow for you to add links, images and videos to your posts too.

3.Understand your market

Who is your schools target market? Parents, prospective parents, students, locals. Well it could all of the above! So what now? Who do you target your content towards? Well there's an easy way to decipher.. Research! And then once you've done your research, you can then tailor to your market!

4. Consider SEO

Do you currently implement SEO into your marketing strategies, or are you considering doing so? Well here's why you should - Just having base SEO implemented in your schools website will help you understand, how many people are visiting your website, and who, how people navigate through your site, and which pages bring the most traffic, then allowing you to use this information to help further your marketing strategies.

5. Track your success

Lastly track the success of your new marketing campaigns, use Google Analytics to see the traffic coming through your website, Facebook/Twitter Analytics to see the impressions of your social posts.