CRO! What is it and how do you do it?

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CRO is an acronym for conversion rate optimisation and is actually a less daunting task than it sounds. So imagine you’ve created a beautiful website, with a well thought out user-journey, you’ve decided what you want your website goals to be and now you’re waiting for all that hard earned traffic from various sources to land on your website and convert into new business leads! And the leads come in! But not as many as you hoped… so what do you do about it?

CRO top digital tools

In today's martech landscape, there are so many digital tools available to marketers to help understand website user activity, but which ones are the most valuable in helping you achieve the holy grail of more website conversions?

  1. Google analytics is your starting point. With this incredibly powerful tool (which is completely free!) plugged into your website, you’ll get access to analytics that will help you understand where your traffic comes from, which pages they land on, how much time they spend on your site, which pages they navigate to and so much more. Importantly, analytics allows you to set up goals when users take a particular action. You can set up goals on form completions so you know exactly which pages convert users to enquire. This allows you to understand more about how users are interacting with your website content and whether they are doing what you want them to do. You can also set up events so you can monitor things like downloads, button clicks, link clicks – basically any action a user can take that you would wish to track!
  2. Heat mapping software. This is essential if you want to optimise your website pages for conversions. Tools like crazy egg or hotjar allow you to monitor what happens on your website, showing you things like scroll depth and click patterns, so you can see whether users are interacting with your site the way you wanted them to.
  3. AB Testing tools. Google analytics has it’s own CRO tool – Google Optimize. It’s the free version of Google Analytics 360 suite and is more than likely all you need, particularly if you know how to set up advanced tracking! That said, Google Optimize can be a little complicated so other tools like Optimizely, which is one of the industry’s leading CRO platforms, are great for the less techy minded people who want to optimise website pages and perform A/B testing.


Don’t have time or need help?

There’s no doubt about it, digital marketing is an art! Digitisation has transformed marketing and whilst the access to data we have as marketers is unprecedented, it can also feel like we’re expected to be developers at times! The challenge for many marketing managers is having the time to set up all of these tools correctly to be able to extract the data needed to inform decisions. That’s where working with a digital agency can give you the upper hand so it’s worth engaging in conversation about your digital marketing strategy, and how we can help you can hit those website KPIs and drive that new business figure up!

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